Indonesia Geothermal Center of Excellence (iGCOE) is an independent foundation that strive to develop geothermal energy usage in Indonesia by becoming collaborator of all relevant stakeholders such as: government, industry, education institution, and the community. iGCOE is hoped to be able to synergize the stakeholders interest so that the problem that can't be solved before due to the limited function and responsibility of every stakeholders can be solved.

iGCOE define its function to three division:

  • Research, Innovation, and Education
  • Technical and Business Development
  • Social Mitigation, Advocation, and Community Development

The first agenda done in 2015 was meeting with the stakeholders and some roadshow to institutions that are relevant to geothermal development in Indonesia. Generally, the program in 2015 are a form of geothermal energy socialization to the mass. These programs. "Geothermal Goes to School", "Geothermal Goes to Campus", and "Geothermal Goes to Communtiy" are example of event in this nature.

Before socialization is done, a thorough social mapping needs to be done so the material content and forms given will be effective and efficient to the target audiendce. Looking at the current society opinion on geothermal energy usage, iGCOE have important roles to promote the geothermal energy as a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy resources.



To enhance geothermal development in Indonesia


  • Doing social investment by increase public awareness and promote geothermal resources as green energy
  • Participating in improving public knowledge of geothermal energy Indonesia
  • Supporting geothermal research and technology development
  • Being the center of Indonesia geothermal data and information
  • Participating in the development of geothermal investment and business climate
  • Assisting government to implement policies and regulation   



Mohammad Hasan Ansori, Ph.D

Mohammad Hasan Ansori, Ph.D. was born and grown in Gresik City, East Java however, had spent most of my time at Jakarta for school, work, and business. He has finished his Doctoral Program in...

Ir. Nenny Miryani Saptadji, Ph.D.

Nenny Miryani Saptadji is one of Teaching Staff in Bachelor Program of Petroleum Engineering-Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) since 1982 and Magister Program of Geothermal Engineering since 2008. She...

Dr. Antonius Widyatma Sumarlin, BA, MA

SUMARLIN, Antonius Widyatma, is a Faculty Member and a Researcher at Branding Department of School of Business and Economics, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Indonesia. He earned his Ph.D degree in...


Indradarma Adiwibowo

Born in Surabaya on March 30th 1990, He have finished his graduate study in geothermal engineering study program in ITB on August 2015. During his study, he also actively worked as a volunteer in...

Yudha Artika Nganjuk

Yudha Artika Nganjuk was born in 1984 , has the basic skills as a hydrologist . Graduate degrees in meteorology (formerly the department of geophysics and meteorology ) Bandung Institute of...

Dan Ramadhan Achmad

Dan Ramadhan Achmad was born in Bandung September 29, 1974. Dan has finished his bachelor degree in the Department of Engineering Geology Institute of Technology Bandung in 1998. He continued his...

Dessy Farhany

Dessy Farhany has a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology. She was working in an Oil and Gas Construction Company before she decided to pursue her Master...

Mia Uswatun Hasanah

Mia Uswatun Hasanah S.Si., MT. Was born in 1987. She has finished her bachelor degree at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in 2010 from physics major. She has took master degree in the same year...

Nursanty Elisabeth Banjarnahor

Nursanty Elisabeth Banjarnahor, S.T has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, University of Indonesia (UI) with final project about fluids mechanics in micro bubble generator in 2010. She...

Ali Fahrurrozie

Ali Fahrurrozie, M.Sc has a B.Sc in chemistry of Indonesia University of Education (2009) with his final project about corrosion (inhibitor) and a M.Sc in geothermal engineering, exploration program...

Juni Yesy Sianipar

Juni Yesy Sianipar was born in Pematangsiantar on June 22, 1991. She has finished her bachelor degree in the Faculty of Geological Engineering Universitas Padjadjaran in 2013 with her final project...

Akhmad Fanani Akbar

Akhmad Fanani Akbar, MT was born in 1987. He have graduated from Geophysical Engineering for my Bachelor degree. Right after graduating from Geophysical Engineering, he had an internship at Star...

Windra Yusman

Windra Yusman pursued his bachelor’s degree in Physics, in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia with a final project related with Geothermal Resource Assessment. He completed his...









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