Geothermal Goes to School

Geothermal Goes to School

Geothermal Goes to School is an educative Project which created by Energy and Natural Resource Agency, West Java Province and focused with the senior high school student around the existing or new developed geothermal field. This program has been held with various creative learning method i.e. Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Games “Ranking 1”, simulation and etc. Theme of this project is weighted to introduction system and geothermal development including about general problems. This program will emerge motivation, passion and pride toward geothermal resource around their environment. GGTS project has been harmonized with local wisdom in each area of West Java Province.

We consider purposes of this program would be for,

  1. Education and socialization about development of geothermal energy in the local area.
  2. Raised awareness and proudness toward geothermal resource in particular area by using tagline “Aku Bangga Punya Panas Bumi”.
  3. Acquired geothermal agent which has potential to understand about basic knowledge of system and general of geothermal development stages.
  4. Motivate participant to be part of big community that concerned with clean energy and actively contributed for community development around local geothermal field in the future.
  5. Created earlier geothermal community and grasp geothermal agent which has role to socialize geothermal development aspect to the local resident around geothermal field

     Some of the presenter for this program including,

  • Member Indonesia GCOE dan
  • Company Representative,
    • Chevron Geothermal Indonesia (Darajat & Salak Area)
    • Star Energy Geothermal Ltd. (Wayang-Windu Area)
    • Pertamina Geothermal Energy (Kamojang & Karaha Bodas Area)
    • Geo Dipa Energi (Patuha Area)

     Up until now, we had attend and socialized many schools in West Java Province in order to create better understanding in geothermal technology, which are,

  1. SMAN 3 Bandung
  2. SMAN 1 Garut
  3. SMAN 1 Pangalengan
  4. SMAN 1 Ciwidey
  5. SMPN 1 Samarang
  6. SMAN 16 Garut
  7. SMAN Cisolok